About Us


To provide market leading Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Automation and other synergistic emerging technology services for helping clients succeed and realize their full business potential through more informed and scientific decision making and elastic Virtual workforce.


To embed Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation/ Intelligent Automation capabilities in all key business functions and processes of client organizations to improve their overall competitiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and improve their ability to create significant value for their clients, customers and other stakeholders.

Who we are

We are a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who are focussed on value creation for clients through automation, data and decision sciences. We apply leading Advanced Analytics, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and other AI frameworks, tools and techniques to solve clients issues and help them gain powerful new insights to improve revenues, profitability and reduce costs by solving for a range of KPIs and value drivers based on the client industry and functional domain area. We leverage hard earned knowledge and wisdom of functional experts of our clients and blend this body of knowledge with the emerging technologies and techniques to deliver best in class solutions.

Why Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, AI?

Advanced Analytics can enable scientific decision making in almost all functions of client organizations across any industry group – through use of statistics, mathematics, computer science and sophisticated platforms and tools that are available and ever evolving. Analytics or decision science or data science – however you prefer to name it, can drive greater levels of efficiencies and effectiveness in your business by extracting useful insights and driving more competitive actions from your Big Data or Little Data.

Why Robotic Process Automation?

RPA can drive significant cost reduction and deliver very high levels of ROI in matter of weeks or few months (depending on the complexity of the process being automated), instead of an expensive application modernization initiative. Even when such initiatives are well underway, RPA can be implemented to drive value before the new modernized well integrated systems are put into production. RPA can be implemented across processes of almost all functions of client organizations across any industry group. Since RPA integrates processes through integration of applications by controlling the User Interface of disparate and silo applications, the automation implementation and deployment can be much faster and less expensive than regular application modernization initiatives.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain (distributed ledger applications) create trust, accountability, transparency and data immutability. Blockchain technology is proving to be very promising for many enterprises, governments and other organizations. As Blockchain becomes a mainstream adoption, it is set to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, simplify processes, solve trust deficit between transacting parties, deliver unprecedented efficiency, outcome effectiveness and thereby change business models and way organizations operate forever.