Robotic Process Automation Strategy & Implementation

  • Robotic Process Automation: Automation of Business Processes using intelligent and cognitive technologies like UI Path, Blue Prism and combining them with power of ML / AI delivers powerful value to enterprises allowing them to significantly reduce cost, improve productivity and seamless and easy integration of previous technology investments that often provide fragmented solutions in various silos. Since application modernization, i.e. - revamping of existing IT applications by re-writing in newer tech platforms or replacing the old apps with new apps – is very expensive and time consuming; RPA is proving to be a great alternative for seamless process integrations by using User Interface level integration of various underlying system silos. By connecting the various fragmented and disconnected applications of enterprises, RPA solves the critical problem of manual human work required for executing the high volume of repetitive, rules based low value tasks such as data entry, extraction, manipulation and consolidation across various disconnected systems that human business process users have to do in a stipulated timeline. These tasks often are highly transactional and consume massive human resource headcount to execute these grunt tasks – and these tasks can be easily given to software robots to free up the precious human capital and re-deploy them to more meaningful tasks which require human intelligence and cognition, thereby saving costs and delivering new levels of efficiencies, as was achieved by using physical robots in industrial engineering and production line set ups.
  • We deliver full service Robotic Process Automation solutions to our clients – from strategy to implementation and post production support. Our team has been part of some of the largest RPA implementations across the globe and we bring the necessary talent to deliver a robust solution for all our clients, as we help more and more enterprises adopt this innovative technology solution. We partner with the best product vendors in putting together a solid solution for our clients.
  • We can combine our Advanced Analytics capabilities by use of ML and AI solutions alongside the RPA solution to increase the level and extent of penetration of Business Process Automation in an enterprise. This means we not only apply RPA for repetitive, rules-based tasks but extend the application of Automation to some of the tasks that would otherwise need human interpretation and judgement.